Enamel Espresso Set

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A coffee is best enjoyed in a mug that is full of character. For a classy everyday mug to share with your special someone, use this Gentlemen’s Hardware Enamel Espresso Mug Set and fuel up your morning with a shot or two of caffeine!

The enamel mugs have a lovely blue colour complimented by their caramel-coloured round lip. They have special “Carpe Diem” and “Seize the Day” prints on the front which is a perfect reminder to kickstart the day right!  

They are made by incredibly talented designers. These high-quality mugs are perfect even for rugged adventures. The handle provides a comfortable grip and is convenient to hold. They are scratch resistant with their non-porous glaze, very durable and sturdy, and also stain resistant. 

They have relatively thick walls that help retain the temperature of your drink for a while. The size of the mug can significantly accommodate the volume of coffee if you enjoy a double shot or three.

Gentlemen’s Hardware espresso mugs are extremely durable and comfortable to use. But, do not microwave them.

These lightweight mugs will surely become permanent fixtures even in your outdoor essential kits.

Enjoy your coffee with style and comfort!