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Copper Flask

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Copper Flask - Tamra Jal
Copper is considered an essential mineral for our body.
Ayurveda recommends storing water overnight in a copper vessel and drinking it the next day for maintaining good health. The water stored this way is called 'Tamra Jal' and it helps to balance all three doshas in our body (Kapha, Vata and Pitta).
The metal copper has electromagnetic energy which is called Prana Shakti. Copper makes the water ionic which helps to maintain the body's PH (acid-alkaline) balance.

  • Helps the digestive system perform better
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Helps heal wounds faster
  • Slows down ageing
  • Helps maintain cardiovascular health and beats hypertension
  • Can fight cancer̴Ì_
  • Can kill bacteria
  • Stimulates your brain
  • Regulates the working of the Thyroid gland
  • Beats arthritis and inflamed joints
  • Aids skin health and melanin production
  • Beats anaemia

As your pure copper flask is skilfully handcrafted by Indian artisans, variations may occur and it is expected that the colour may darken and tarnish over time. The flask is intended for cool water only and is not dishwasher safe. Please wash with mild detergent and rinse thoroughly in clean water first before use.